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Corei is originally from San Diego. He is a resident artist at Iron&Ink in Los Angeles. Tattoo styles he specializes in include black&grey and realism. He excels in portraits.
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Get a striking black and gray illustrative design of a man statue on your upper arm, crafted by Corei.Get inked with stunning blackwork realism by Corei, featuring intricate praying hands and hand design on your forearm.Beautiful flower design on forearm in detailed black and gray realism style by artist Corei.Get a stunning black and gray tattoo of Jesus with a beard, done by Corei. Perfect for your sleeve.Impressive black and gray gorilla tattoo by Corei, showcasing exceptional realism on the upper arm.Get mesmerized by the intricate blackwork design featuring a snake and a woman on your upper leg. By Corei.This black and gray illustrative tattoo features a unique blend of sun, bird, cross, eye, Horus, Ankh, UFO, spaceship, and balance motifs, creating a harmonious and mesmerizing design.Adorn your arm with a stunningly detailed peony tattoo in black and gray realism by the talented artist Corei. Perfect for adding a touch of nature to your sleeve.
Impressive black and gray wolf tattoo on forearm, created by talented artist Corei. The detailed realism brings the wolf to life.Capture the beauty of faith and femininity with this striking black and gray illustration by Corei.Black and gray portrait of a man on the forearm, done by talented artist Corei. Stunning realism and attention to detail.Beautiful black and gray owl tattoo by Corei, combining realism and illustrative styles on the forearm.Black and gray illustrative lettering tattoo on lower leg, showcasing your love for Hollywood. By Corei.Detailed black and gray illustration of a man with a cigarette on forearm by Corei. Realism and illustration style.Experience the captivating beauty of a black and gray wolf intertwined with delicate peonies, expertly crafted by Corei on your upper arm.Experience the power of the wild with this black and gray wolf tattoo by Corei. Perfect for chest placement.