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Delphin Musquet


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Delphin Musquet, a pioneer in fine line and realism in Europe, now embraces geometry realism. One of the best to explore these techniques, Delphin founded SANS PATRIE/ S, showcasing unmatched precision and artistry in black & grey and fineline tattooing among many others incredibly talented artists.


Hour rate:300 GBP
Min. rate:300 GBP
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Detailed black and gray tattoo by Delphin Musquet featuring a chain and spike motif on the foot.Delphin Musquet's stunning black and gray realism tattoo featuring a majestic eagle and a fierce snake on the arm.Discover the exquisite black and gray realism of this stunning angel tattoo by Delphin Musquet. A powerful symbol of protection and guidance.Delphin Musquet's stunning black and gray micro realism bird tattoo on hand for a subtle and elegant look.Delicately executed black and gray hand and pentagram tattoo on chest by Delphin Musquet.Impressively detailed black and gray dragon tattoo on the shoulder, by Delphin Musquet.Elegant floral design by Delphin Musquet, showcasing stunning realism and intricate detail on the neck.Admire the delicate beauty of this black and gray rose tattoo, expertly done by Delphin Musquet. Perfect for lovers of realism.Delve into the exquisite world of micro-realism with this fine line geometric statue tattoo by Delphin Musquet.Delphin Musquet expertly combines love and psyche in this black and gray masterpiece, capturing every intricate detail.A stunning black and gray eagle tattoo, meticulously executed in micro realism style by talented artist Delphin Musquet.Explore the beauty of fine line and micro-realism in this black & gray geometric tattoo of Mary by Delphin Musquet.
Stunning black and gray upper arm tattoo of a woman by Delphin Musquet. Elegantly captures the beauty and grace of femininity.Elegant black and gray bird tattoo on arm, created by artist Delphin Musquet. Perfect blend of realism and sophistication.Experience the stunning combination of a snake and medusa in this black and gray realism chest tattoo by Delphin Musquet.Capture the grace of Mary with this black and gray tattoo by Delphin Musquet. Perfect for those seeking a stunning piece of art.Delphin Musquet's black and gray tattoo depicts a majestic eagle in stunning detail on the upper arm.Immerse in the mythical world with this black and gray tattoo by Delphin Musquet. The powerful dragon symbolizes strength and protection.Delphin Musquet combines delicate bird and ominous skull in a stunning black and gray back piece.Delphin Musquet skillfully blends fine line and micro realism techniques to create a striking black and gray geometric Jesus tattoo.Experience the beauty of fine line, geometric, and micro realism styles in this intricate tattoo of the iconic Vitruvian Man by Delphin Musquet.Explore the intricate details of this fine line, black and gray micro-realism tattoo of a statue by talented artist Delphin Musquet.Delphin Musquet creates a haunting black and gray tattoo featuring a venomous serpent and a menacing skull with a jaw.Delphin Musquet's fine line and illustrative tattoo featuring a wolf surrounded by geometric mountains and forest.
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Delphin Musquet