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The Art Of Tattoo Petersham



Tattooing for the love of it ! Working without boundaries in black & grey, color, realism or traditional styles because why not ! Working out of Petersham (NSW) Australia.



Black & Gray
New School
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Watercolor FairyPraying hands for Michales sleeveWolf girl in progress. More work going into this one soon. Did this fun Alice in wonderland illustration by Lewis CarollToothless :) Cool retro mic done on our regular awesome client ! Come and become one of them ;) Fun digging out this Vegvisir tattoo. What are your thoughts ? Covered up these chinese symbols with the spartan warrior. Turned out alright eh ? Chicano style girl tattooProgress shot on this religious sleeve with jesus and mary ! Did this rose and filigree sleeve just under 6 hours and loved how it came out. Quick flowers on the ribs.
Greek god ZeusMore additions to this sleeve i have been working on for over a year now. Fresh vs Healed Wild Babies Done In memory of his father. Angry Gohan ! Dragon Ball Z - Something most of us can never grow out of :) Eclectus parrot with more additions to it coming soon. Super tiny elephant Progress on this botanical/floral sleeve full of peonies and surprisesTiny dollar bill paper plane. Realllllly tiny this oneLocked and loaded ! She got this gun as her firstAlways good do see heald pieces in color and how they hold over time. One of my favourite rose tattoos ever done.