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RPRamiro Papiz Tattoo Artist

Ramiro Papiz Tattoo Artist

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empecé a tatuar hace 5 años, pero por algún motivo dejé por casi un año. Existen muchísimos tatuadores en el mundo, pero sólo unos cuantos estilos escuela... a mí me valen verga los estilos escuela xq prefiero el arte y no solo un género pop. Prefiero pelear por ser un artista y no simplemente alguien que ofrece el servicio. Creo que cada diseño debería ser tan único como la persona que lo lleve en la piel, por lo tanto hacerse algo que todos tienen resulta un tanto aburrido. Aprendí a tatuar el estilo de diseños que perfeccioné a través de casi tres décadas y siento que tengo la soltura suficiente para interpretar el concepto que quiera el cliente y proponerlo en mí estilo (pero obviamente la decisión reside en el cliente y lo hago con mucho amor)


Black & Gray
Dark Art
Trash Polka Style
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The blue Fenix. This Is the first fénix tattoo I Ever Made. The guy wanted me to do ir ok blue colors. Loved itVegeta making a power ball. Please comment with the word you think he would be shouting. This Is the previous design of the Arcangel Michael's tattoo. Its sad that the guy didn't wanted the white parts. LolThe San Pedro drawing previously Made before the actual tattooThe Katrina Almudena. This is the previous drawing that I did before the tattooThe "work" Atlas. A guy told me to design the concept of the phrase "work dignifies the existence of human being". The Cyberpunk heart. Tattooed on the arm of a beautiful Peruvian girl. Thank u for Trust un my designs!The "Dante" loto flower. This Is the sister red flower of the blue one I did beforeA cute one. The little girl Is a big fan of Lágrimas, and her mom is fan of the 89 butterfly from Cusco-Peru... So I came up with this design. A large tattoo that I Made on an afternoonThe Arcangel Michael descending to hell... This Is my design
There Is no other beauty in life like the ghost orchid . Its a pleasure that some day I'll see in personA football passion"Time Is beautiful and imperfect"Another draw that I did thinking about the sacred cactus un PerúThe Digital Lis flower. Chino Moreno. A very textured draw that I Made for a friend who loves DeftonesSkelletons are always beautiful. I Made this tattoo based on a draw that Imade when I was on high school 18 years ago. Thanks to my beat Peruvian friend GuidoA speciall skull that I've tattoed on the arm of a very special and unique friendA loto flower un my own stile. So I did this design thinking that there are other ways to make a tattoo of one of theese beautiful flowersA Venezuelan guy asked me to designado something that reflects the concept of Time, resistence, and liebartion. So I came up with this idea. Its been a pleasure to make itThis is my own version of the San Pedro effect!
RPRamiro Papiz Tattoo Artist
Ramiro Papiz Tattoo Artist