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Dillon Forte

sri yantra tattoo

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“It is my belief that through geometry we can gain a greater awareness of the true archetypal nature of life. From atomic structure to spiral galaxies, there are mathematical and geometric patterns and constructs that underlie the universe. The purpose of my work is to illuminate some of these mysteries.” -Dillon Forte


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Linework piece Line work close upBodysuit in progress.Mini mandala :) Decorative dotwork mandala Dotwork, geometric, mandala.Mandala/Metatron’s cube inspired chest piece.Negative space chest mandala and decorative sleeve.Sacred Geometry inspired sleeve including mandalas, nautilus shell and decorative elements.Minimalist geometric mandalaGanesh backpiece for Ariana.Hamsa Mandala.
Pixelated dotwork piece Tattoo by Dillon Forte #DillonForte #geometrictattoos #geometric #sacredgeometry #linework #fineline #pattern #shape #handtattooDotwork Spiral. Backpiece done at Sri Yantra “Rose of Venus.” Close up glossy version of this negative space dotwork mandala.Sacred geometry sleeve in progress.LOTR // Mandelbrot neck//backpiece.Negative space mandala for Cleo WattenstromAnatomy inspired geometric skull.Sleeve in progress :) Ancient Egyptian Alien piece in progress.
DFDillon Forte
Dillon Forte