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DDDino Dab

Dino Dab

Scacco Matto Tattoo Cernusco Lombardone

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Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was allways drawing since i can remember, growing up I went to a Comics workshop that formed me, later on i discovered graffiti and completed a Comunication and Publicity technician school that got me my first job. After two years of tattooing on my own i decided to quit publicity and immerse completely into Art. And after searching and studing art it wasn't untill i met Fada Venus on Arts University on Bs. As. and Guillermo Cladentey that i really got into the world of tattoing and decided this was the way of life I`ve allways searched. Now I've been tattooing for allmost 7 years, I'm far from home living in Italy where I work in two studios and went to a couple guests spot arround Europe. Allways love to travel, you can find me sometimes on conventions :) thanks for reading!



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DDDino Dab
Dino Dab