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DWDon Walker

Don Walker

Personal Graffitti Ink.



started tattooing over 30 years ago, then had to put it on the back burner in order to raise a family on a salary that wouldnt have put us in poverty. i kept tattooing as much as i could as often as i could. then eventually i found myself unable to do the physical work i had made my livelyhood, and the family had grown and moved on. now i find myself in the prime of my second phase of life. and i have, as of 2 & 1/2, years now, been able to emerse myself back into my art. i have been working tirelessly since i picked the machines back up. and have been expanding on my abilities and techniques in every aspect of my craft. i love everything about tattooing. i dont even mind it when people just end up talking about tattoos they think about getting, then dont. I'll often draw inspiration from one persons ideas, and end up designing a piece that someone else falls in love with and does end up getting. so it all works together in the end. contact me and lets talk tattoos. i mainly do study in black and gray. with dark subjects, lots of skulls and death themed tattoos, but i also enjoy the more colorful styles of tattoos and have expanded into doing more american traditional and japanese style as well as delving into photo realism and color and black & gray portraiture. although i won't undertake a project that i am not 100% sure i can handle. widening the styles and genres which i can offer is part of my attraction to the art. although i dont think I'll ever be at a point where i won't feel like i could get better at any given style, i like. being able to offer, in. confidence, my abilities to accomplish whatever the client requests. i look forward to working with my clients to come up with an image that is unique to tgem and expresses exactly what it is they are trying to express. the look of amazement and aproval when a person sees their vision realised in their skin and brought to life, is very satisfying to me. i dont think i will ever grow tired of tattooing.



Black & Gray
Dark Art
New School
Trash Polka Style
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First sitting on 2nd half of japanese leg sleeve. 5rl, 7rl, & 9rl. Appx time; 2:30, hrs.Drunken Crow
Flamin hot guy from cheetos bag
DWDon Walker
Don Walker