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Colibri Tattoo

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Drone is a multi disciplinary artist, illustration degree graduate, and professional tattooer for 5 years. He works out of Colibri Tattoo (High Park) in Toronto. He has worked in several tattoo shops in GTA within that time. Originally trained in Asian/Japanese tattooing, he has broken out lately into more anime/ manga and fine line works. He is adept at accommodating most every style within the realm of tattoo, even at times drawing freestyle straight onto the clients skin. He is heavily inspired by ancient Japanese prints and irezumi, Graffiti, and the comic books/ manga of the modern day like Berserk, Naruto, Demon Slayer etc.



Hour rate:170 CAD
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Illustrative forearm tattoo featuring a delicious bowl of ramen from your favorite anime, Naruto. Created by Drone.Drone's illustrative design features clouds, moon, and an eye in a striking blackwork style on the forearm.A stunning blackwork wave tattoo on the forearm, by the talented artist Drone. This illustrative piece captures the beauty and power of the ocean.Dive into the world of blackwork with a stunning illustrative koi fish tattoo by Drone. Embrace the beauty of Japanese art on your arm.Drone's blackwork tattoo of a man beautifully rendered on the arm, showcasing intricate details and bold lines.Blackwork tattoo featuring a snake and kanji lettering, done in an illustrative style by Drone.A striking illustrative tattoo featuring a fierce dragon wrapped around a sword, skillfully done by the talented artist Drone.Get an illustrative blackwork tattoo of Goku on your upper arm, done by the talented artist Drone. Stand out with this unique design!Illustrative traditional tattoo featuring a grim reaper with a scythe surrounded by flowers on the upper arm. By Drone.A stunning blackwork tattoo of a woman, beautifully illustrated on the forearm by Drone. Perfect for those seeking a bold and unique design.Let Drone's intricate blackwork style bring this bold and detailed man motif to life on your forearm.Experience the unique fusion of traditional Japanese style and modern blackwork with this striking and detailed cat tattoo by renowned artist Drone.
Illustrative black and gray tattoo on forearm by Drone, featuring a rainbow intertwined with a clock and watch design.Detailed blackwork tattoo featuring an octopus and girl design on the forearm. Created by talented artist Drone.Illustrative blackwork of Betty Boop surrounded by hearts and chains on forearm. By Drone.Experience the beauty of blackwork with stunning illustrative wings designed by Drone on your forearm.A striking blackwork forearm tattoo by Drone featuring an illustrative man and powerful quote.Get an epic illustrative Naruto tattoo on your arm by Drone, a talented tattoo artist specializing in anime designs.Capture the intricate details of a man in striking blackwork style on your forearm, created by the talented artist Drone.Get a fierce and striking foo dog tattoo on your hand by Drone, blending traditional Japanese style with modern blackwork.Get a striking illustrative tattoo of a skull wearing a hat on your arm by the talented artist Drone.Drone’s illustrative blackwork tattoo features a mask, knife, and scream motif, boldly displayed on the arm.A striking blackwork tattoo featuring a man and girl in illustrative style, expertly done by tattoo artist Drone on the forearm.Drone's distinctive blackwork tattoo featuring a detailed landscape with a tree under a crescent moon on the forearm.