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Sacred Gold Tattoo

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Originally from Poland, Edyta is a gem in neo-traditional and neo-romantic tattooing. She graduated from fine arts school where she studied the history of art. Edyta’s most significant source of inspiration is classical art: rococo, baroque and romantic period, as well as nature. She has been tattooing for more than 5 years, and she loves working with the natural pallet of colours but also black and grey.


Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

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Capture the beauty of nature with this stunning neo-traditional tattoo by Edyta, featuring a cat and flower motif on the upper arm.Get a stunning black and gray tattoo of a wolf and man on your upper arm by the talented artist Edyta. Embrace the wild spirit within you!Fine line art tattoo of a royal crown on upper arm by artist Edyta, blending elegance and tradition.Elegant neo traditional design by Edyta featuring a cat surrounded by intricate filigree on the chest.Elegant neo-traditional design on upper arm featuring a beautiful peacock and intricate flower details by talented artist Edyta.Beautiful and vibrant upper leg tattoo combining traditional Japanese elements of flowers and Hannya mask, expertly done by Edyta.Beautiful neo-traditional tattoo of a bird and flower on the arm, skillfully done by Edyta.Beautifully intricate flower design by Edyta, perfect for a bold statement on your forearm.A stunning flower design on the upper leg, expertly done by artist Edyta in a fresh neo-traditional style.Capture the beauty of day and night with this stunning sun and moon forearm tattoo. Edyta's intricate fine line work brings harmony to your skin.Experience the elegance of a black and gray bird tattoo expertly inked by Edyta on your upper arm. Embody freedom and beauty.Get a stunning neo traditional tattoo of a woman surrounded by intricate filigree on your lower leg by the talented artist Edyta.
Beautiful upper arm tattoo featuring a neo-traditional design of a swan gracefully surrounded by flowers, done by Edyta.Capture the bond between man and his best friend with this black and gray neo traditional tattoo by Edyta, featuring intricate filigree details on the upper arm.Adorn your arm with a vibrant neo-traditional flower sleeve tattoo, expertly crafted by the talented artist Edyta.Elegant and intricate chest tattoo featuring a cat surrounded by delicate filigree details. Expertly done by Edyta.Intricate black & gray peacock design with vibrant flowers, expertly crafted in neo-traditional style by artist Edyta.Brighten up your upper arm with a neo-traditional sunflower tattoo by Edyta. This bold and colorful design will stand out beautifully on your skin.Beautiful swan motif tattoo on the arm, expertly crafted in a neo traditional style by talented artist Edyta.Beautiful tattoo of a woman intertwined with colorful flowers on the arm. Expertly done by Edyta in a neo-traditional style.Get an edgy yet elegant look with this stunning neo traditional tattoo featuring a fierce leopard and delicate filigree details, beautifully crafted by Edyta.Experience the beauty of fine line realism with this stunning wolf and pattern tattoo by Edyta on your upper leg.Celebrate your love with a elegant black and gray fine line tree and heart tattoo by Edyta on your forearm.Adorn your forearm with a stunning neo-traditional floral design by talented artist Edyta. Embrace the beauty of nature with this intricate and colorful flower motif.