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Elekktra G

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Elekktra G. Tattoo Artist for 6+ Years. Currently based out of Big Sleep’s Studio in Los Angeles, offering styles: • Black/Grey OR Color • Color Realism and Portraiture • Freehand and Cover-Ups. • Stippling (dotwork), Geometric, Sacred Geometry • Hand-Poke Tattoos You may Contact Me here or for easier booking TEXT ➡️(702)445-5788⬅️ Deposit Required to book. Deposit is added to total of tattoo. (Ex: deposit $50, tattoo total $250. Time of appointment you pay $200+ tip.)



Hour rate:150 USD
Min. rate:100 USD
About the Artist

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Workplace and Finishing Salvador Dali’s “Face Of War” by @elekkstasy at Big Sleeps Studio Los Angeles Ca
Portrait black and grey on forearm by @elekkstasy. Made with @bigsleepsink @bishoprotary
Geometrical mandala with fine line and Stipple/ dotwork by @elekkstasy. Made with @bigsleepsink @bishoprotary
Complete Geometric and Dotwork/ Stippling by @elekkstasy in Los Angeles Made with @bigsleepsink @bishoprotary Sacred Geometry Set-up. At Big Sleeps Studio in Los Angeles by @elekkstasy
Salvador Dali Painting “Face of War” by @elekkstasy made with @bigsleepsink @bishoprotaryCustom Mandala Dot Work Sleeve. In progress. Tattoo done by @elekkstasy. Simple realistic rose on chest/ throat tattoo done in Las Vegas by @elekkstasy Custom marriage tribute tattoo by Elekktra G done in St Nazaire, France 2019 Lincoln Park tribute to Chester. Rest in Peace. Tattooed by Elekktra G in Las Vegas
Workplace and Creation of Salvador Dali’s “Face of War” by @elekkstasy Los Angeles Ca
One more session to go on this Afgani Traditional Style tattoo by @elekktasy For booking DM or email info@bigsleepsstudio.comMade with @bigsleepsink @bishoprotary
Hand piece by @elekkstasy Made with @bigsleepsink @bishoprotary Process. Half freehand, half stencil. By @elekkstasy Made with @bigsleepsink @bishoprotary
Salvador Dali painting “Face of War” by @elekkstasy Made with @bigsleepsink @bishoprotary Kanji Characters down the Spine, done by Elekktra G.
Tattoo by @Elekkstasy Elekktra G in West Hollywood! Cover up! Tattoo done by @elekkstasy in Las Vegas, NV. Cathedral windows framing a beautiful lion's head on left hand by Elekktra G in Los Angeles CABottom half is ORIGINAL by Elekktra G. Top Half is a REWORK by Elekktra G. Tattooed in Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach Skull and Lady forearm piece tattooed by Elekktra G in Las Vegas.
EGElekktra G
Elekktra G