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Sharp Pokes

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Hi, I'm Ellie, a handpoke tattoo artist from Bridport, Dorset, with 5 years of experience. I specialize in fineline feminine tattoos featuring celestial imagery, animals, nature, and folklore. In my private studio, I create delicate designs that capture the beauty of the natural and mystical world.


Hour rate:85 GBP
Min. rate:70 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Dotwork fairy one of my fave things to tattoo!Leafy arm wrap/band Get a unique hand-poked dotwork tattoo of a beautiful floral tree design by expert artist Ellie. Grace your skin with this intricate, illustrative masterpiece.Experience tranquility with this black and gray dotwork fine line hand-poke tattoo featuring a scenic mountain, tree, and lake motif. Created by the talented artist Ellie.Experience the intricate beauty of dotwork and geometric designs in this hand-poked ornamental tattoo featuring a sun and moon motif by talented artist Ellie.Embrace self love with this unique dotwork and fine line hand-poke tattoo of a strong woman, created by artist Ellie.Experience the beauty of dotwork and fine line techniques in this intricate design of ferns and vines, hand poked by the talented artist Ellie.Tarot card style sun and moon Embrace the mystical with a unique combination of dotwork and fine line by the talented artist Ellie.A delicate hand-poked tattoo of a shadowy swimmer, beautifully executed in black and gray dotwork by the talented artist Ellie.Embrace the delicate beauty of a fine line butterfly tattoo, expertly crafted by Ellie.Experience the delicate beauty of a hand-poked dotwork butterfly tattoo by the talented artist Ellie.
Strawberry fairy Embrace the warmth of this illustrative sun tattoo, expertly crafted using dotwork and fine line techniques by Ellie.Elegant black and gray illustration of a cow skull, hand-poked with intricate dotwork and fine lines.Beautiful black & gray tattoo with fine line details of a moon and bird, hand-poked by Ellie.Elegant hand-poked design by Ellie featuring a moon and leaf motif in intricate dotwork style.Embrace the beauty of nature with this delicate hand-poked tattoo by Ellie, featuring intricate floral vine details.Experience the grace of the deep sea with this hand-poked black and gray dotwork whale tattoo. Dive into the world of unique body art.Experience exquisite detail with this hand-poked illustrative lionfish tattoo by the talented artist Ellie.Capture the serene beauty of a moonlit beach with this fine line and hand-poked illustrative tattoo by Ellie. Featuring a tranquil scenery with stars in the night sky.Capture the beauty of the sun with intricate dotwork and fine lines, hand-poked by the talented artist Ellie.This stunning blackwork hand-poked tattoo combines stars and butterflies in a fine line dotwork style by the talented artist Ellie.Discover the intricate beauty of this black and gray, dotwork, fine line hand-poked ornament featuring a mushroom and vine motif, expertly crafted by Ellie.