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Ellie Shearer

The Olive Tree Tattoo

Next month


Fineline tattoo artist based in Newton Longville, Milton Keynes


Hour rate:80 GBP
Min. rate:60 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

A beautifully detailed black and gray illustrative tattoo of the mythical three-headed dog, Cerberus. Created by tattoo artist Ellie Shearer.Adorn your body with this delicate ornamental tattoo featuring a stunning pattern, expertly executed by tattoo artist Ellie Shearer.Get a stunning black and gray portrait tattoo of Tupac by artist Ellie Shearer. This realistic and illustrative design captures the essence of the legendary musician.This black and gray illustrative tattoo of a hummingbird beautifully captures the grace and beauty of this enchanting bird.Beautiful illustrative tattoo of olive branch and vine by Ellie Shearer, intricately done in fine line style.Experience the mystical fusion of a snake and statue in this detailed black and gray dotwork piece by tattoo artist Ellie Shearer.Experience the magic of the moon and the wild spirit of the wolf in this captivating black and gray dotwork tattoo by Ellie Shearer.Fine line and illustrative tattoo featuring a sun, moon, sword, woodcut, and scale. Designed by Ellie Shearer.Delicate and dainty fine line ornamental sun tattoo by Ellie Shearer.Experience the beauty of Ellie Shearer's expert lettering with this unique 222 motif tattoo. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your ink collection.Unique black and gray dotwork design by Ellie Shearer combining a snake, sword, and mandala elements in an ornamental illustrative style.Discover the intricate beauty of a black and gray illustrative katar dagger tattoo by artist Ellie Shearer.
Experience the delicate beauty of a black and gray dotwork butterfly tattoo expertly done by the talented artist Ellie Shearer.Get inked with a stunning blackwork and dotwork sacred heart design by the talented artist Ellie Shearer.Experience the intricate beauty of dotwork and fine line techniques in this dainty and beautiful illustrative butterfly tattoo by Ellie Shearer.Elegant and detailed cat outline fistbump tattoo, expertly executed in fine line illustrative style by tattoo artist Ellie Shearer.Admire the elegant beauty of ballet with this black and gray dotwork tattoo by Ellie Shearer. Featuring a dancer in a plié pose.Capture the fierce beauty of the tiger with this black and gray illustrative tattoo by the talented artist Ellie Shearer.Elegant black and gray tattoo by Ellie Shearer featuring a sun, moon, star, sword, and scale symbolizing cosmic harmony.Experience the delicate beauty of Ellie Shearer's black & gray dotwork butterfly, flower, and vine tattoo design.Fine line, illustrative, traditional tattoo by Ellie Shearer featuring a dark skin motif engulfed in flames.Capture the beauty of flight with this intricately detailed black and gray swallow tattoo by acclaimed artist Ellie Shearer.An intricate fine line and illustrative snake design, perfect for those looking for a delicate and dainty tattoo. Created by talented artist Ellie Shearer.Let the sun shine through intricate fine line work and ornamental details, by the talented artist Ellie Shearer.
ESEllie Shearer
Ellie Shearer