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Emma Raine Tattoo


Next month


I’m predominantly a black and grey realism and illustrative artist, based at Steel City Style in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. WhatsApp to arrange a free face to face consultation 07393 930272 Website coming soon. Drop me a follow/like on my social media @EmmaRaineTattoo



Hour rate:90 GBP
Min. rate:60 GBP
About the Artist

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Embroidery style tattoo of baby Groot with the Guardians of the Galaxy badge and branches in the background. Much fun to be had with this style of tattoo. 🖤Illustrative snakes and flower design #delicate #snake #flowers Ghost koi fish#koi #fishDaffodil done as a memorial tattoo Blackwork illustrative fineline mandalaBlack and grey realism fantasy pieceJapanese realism black and grey piece on the back partBlackwork illustrative finely flowers and footwork mandalaBlack and grey and colour realism of a Plague Doctor #blackandgrey #colour #realism #horror Chicano payasa woman with roses. #chicano #woman #roses Morgan le Fey Owl & woman with shattered glass #lady #owlRoses with a pink heart diamond. #rose #diamond
Another embroidery style tattoo. So much fun!Bet you can’t guess what famous film this is from? The hotel, the snow, the trees, and of course the blood! The Shining of course :)Illustrative roses and mandala Black and gray realism tattoo by Emma Raine featuring a dragon, tree, and hobbits from the Shire in a beautiful illustrative style.Blackwork bands on the arm with two thin blue linesRealism black and grey pieceBlack and grey illustrativeBlack and grey illustrative pieceIllustrative blackwork flowers and symbology fineline #fineline #blackwork #floralRealism black and grey dragonPoseidon riding a Hippocampus into battle. This is still progress as an addition to this Greek sleeve. #greekmythtattooDid you know that Owls have various symbolic meanings depending on the country of origin? Pretty cool!
EREmma Raine Tattoo
Emma Raine Tattoo