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Mauro Imperatori

Sacred Gold Tattoo

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Born in Rome and based in London since 1996 with 16 years experience. Mauro is well known and appreciated for his tattoo works in generic black and grey, realistic, Chicano, and generic dark styles. He enjoys doing big pieces, which are the most of his works, as much as small single needles old school designs.



Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

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Experience the raw emotion of a woman shedding tears in this stunning black and gray hand tattoo by Mauro Imperatori.Intricate design by Mauro Imperatori featuring a stunning black and gray coliseum and architectural elements on a sleeve tattooDetailed blackwork tattoo on lower leg featuring a realistic flower and woman by Mauro Imperatori.Discover the haunting beauty of this black and gray tree and skull tattoo on the upper leg, masterfully executed by Mauro Imperatori.Beautiful flower and leaf design by tattoo artist Mauro Imperatori, perfect for your forearm. Timeless and elegant.Explore Mauro Imperatori's stunning black and gray design featuring a gun and woman motif on the upper arm for a bold and edgy look.Experience the beauty of black and gray realism with this stunning tattoo by Mauro Imperatori. Featuring an angel and man motif, this chest piece is sure to make a statement.Get the iconic black and gray Joker portrait by Mauro Imperatori for a stunning realism tattoo on your upper arm.Capture the essence of Al Pacino's iconic style with this black and gray realism tattoo of a suit on the upper arm, by Mauro Imperatori.Experience the power of blackwork and realism with this striking tattoo of a rock statue by Mauro Imperatori. Truly unique and captivating.Capture the beauty of women with this stunning black and gray portrait tattoo on your neck. Expertly done by artist Mauro Imperatori.Get a striking black and gray skull tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Mauro Imperatori. Perfect for those who want a bold and edgy look.
Capture the strength and elegance of a tiger with this stunning black and gray realism tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Mauro Imperatori.A stunning black and gray tattoo of a lifelike horse and delicate flower, expertly done by Mauro Imperatori.Capture the strength and beauty of a woman in a detailed black and gray tattoo on your lower leg, by Mauro Imperatori.Beautiful black and gray forearm tattoo of a woman surrounded by swirling smoke, done by Mauro Imperatori in a stunning realistic style.Experience the power and beauty of a lifelike tiger tattoo by Mauro Imperatori in black and gray realism style on your forearm.Capture the majestic beauty of an owl with this blackwork and realism tattoo by artist Mauro Imperatori. Perfect for those who admire owls and appreciate intricate tattoo designs. Experience the artistry of Mauro Imperatori with this stunning blackwork tattoo featuring a catrina and skull motif on your forearm.Showcase your love for blackwork tattoos with this stunning woman motif inked on your forearm by Mauro Imperatori.Black and gray realism tattoo of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn on upper leg by Mauro ImperatoriImmerse yourself in the wild with this stunning black and gray lion tattoo by Mauro Imperatori.Capture the timeless elegance of a statue in black and gray on your upper arm by Mauro Imperatori.Mauro Imperatori's blackwork realism tattoo features a creepy yet captivating zombie girl design on the hand.
MIMauro Imperatori
Mauro Imperatori