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Fabian Lopez Barreda

Colibri Tattoo

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Fabian is originally from Peru and works at the Downtown Colibri Tattoo location. He is a Peruvian Artist and I has been working in the industry for about 2 and a half years. His style is related to micro-realism in greys and color. He brings a lot of details to his pieces but at the same time he considers himself a very versatile artist. He is always looking for his pieces to reach the next level so that they can stand out along with his style.


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get a stunning blackwork hand tattoo by Fabian Lopez Barreda for a unique and eye-catching design on your ribs.Stunning blackwork flower tattoo by Fabian Lopez Barreda, perfect for your forearm. Detailed and eye-catching design.Beautiful upper arm tattoo featuring a butterfly, sword, girl, and shinobu motif by Fabian Lopez Barreda.Unique illustrative design by Fabian Lopez Barreda, perfect for the forearm.Intriguing illustrative design of a woman and robot fusion on the forearm by Fabian Lopez Barreda. A blend of strength and femininity.Fabian Lopez Barreda's blackwork forearm piece combines a sun, card, tarot motif & powerful quote in a bold illustrative style.Illustrative tattoo featuring a heart and padlock motif on the upper arm by artist Fabian Lopez Barreda.Unique piece by Fabian Lopez Barreda, combining elegant bird and flower motifs in a neo-traditional illustrative style.Elegantly detailed flower sprig tattoo on ribs by Fabian Lopez Barreda. Delicate and intricate design in fine line illustrative style.Fabian Lopez Barreda's stunning blackwork tattoo features a detailed mandala flower design on the forearm, blending ornamental and illustrative styles.Stunning forearm tattoo by Fabian Lopez Barreda combining intricate fine line bird design with intricate patterns.Fine line blackwork tattoo on forearm by Fabian Lopez Barreda combining heart, triangle, and brain motifs in a geometric pattern.
Capture the beauty of nature with this blackwork horse tattoo by Fabian Lopez Barreda, perfect for your forearm.Fabian Lopez Barreda's blackwork butterfly tattoo on chest is a stunning piece of art, blending beauty and boldness.Fabian Lopez Barreda's blackwork tattoo features a beautifully detailed butterfly and intricate pattern design on the upper arm.Admire the intricate details of this fine line dog tattoo by artist Fabian Lopez Barreda, beautifully displayed on the forearm.Elegant and intricate design by tattoo artist Fabian Lopez Barreda, featuring a moon and beautiful pattern.Blackwork forearm tattoo featuring a beautiful illustration of a bird and woman, created by Fabian Lopez Barreda.Experience the intricate beauty of a blackwork snake intertwined with elegant patterns and a unique glass element. By Fabian Lopez Barreda.Showcase your favorite quote in expertly designed lettering by Fabian Lopez Barreda on your upper arm.Fabian Lopez Barreda's illustrative blackwork cat tattoo on the forearm combines realism and artistry.Fine line illustration of a man and woman dancing, intertwined with a heart motif by Fabian Lopez Barreda.Elegant fine line and small lettering tattoo on neck featuring a meaningful quote by Fabian Lopez Barreda.Fabian Lopez Barreda's striking blackwork design features a powerful goat motif intertwined with a beautiful woman and intricate patterns.
FLFabian Lopez Barreda
Fabian Lopez Barreda