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FNFabiano Nogarolli

Fabiano Nogarolli

Salvation Tattoo Lounge

Miami Beach, FL


Fabiano Nogarolli was born in 1989 in Curitiba-PR, and his love for art was noticed ever since. Fabiano’s sketches would bring the attention of his families, and friends for the impeccable quality. Since then he has a growing passion for Art, he would spend hours every day drawing. Around 2002 Fabiano had been gifted a graffiti magazine from his older brother, which had got him into Street Art. Fabiano was being trained by a locally know Street Artist from 2002 to 2005, which got his Art Skills better than ever. Fabiano joined the Brazilian Air Force in 2008 and had his first contact with the Tattoo in 2009. After 8 years in the Air Force, Fabiano started getting involved with tattoo world until he bought his first equipment and Tattooed both of his brothers and their friends in 2016. When he least expected he was already working at a tattoo shop and a year after, he owned his local tattoo shop.



Black & Gray
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FNFabiano Nogarolli
Fabiano Nogarolli