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JSJustin Sane

Justin Sane

Red Rock'N Tattoos & Apparel

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I have loved art since i was a kid. Ive been drawing and painting my whole life. I did architecture for 11 years. I am the vocalist for False Cause. I write lyrics and music. I have been a music engineer. I have been a photographer, videographer, and film editor in the adult industry. I sculpt. I blow glass. I paint. I tattoo. I've been tattooing professionally a little over 2 years. I absolutely love tattooing. It has been the most challenging and rewarding form of art i have endulged in. I am not really a fan of traditional but i can do it fine. I am more skilled in realism, Black and grey, portraits, 3D



Black & Gray
Dark Art
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JSJustin Sane
Justin Sane