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KSKory Strickland

Kory Strickland

Xtreme Ink Tattoo

Next month


My name is Kory,and I’m an artist at Xtreme Ink in Ocala. I’ve been tattooing 10 years and enjoy working in all styles but prefer black and grey realism the most.



Black & Gray
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Fresh vs. healed comparison of this mermaid on a rock. Black and grey soft realism. Odin black and grey realistic. Realistic rose cover up. Fresh Mad Hatter for Alice and Wonderland. Healed realistic cherries. Fresh shot of this memorial for their racoon name Matilda. Victorian girl. All healed up. Black and grey realistic. Healed set od hands. Father and daughter holdings hands for possibly the last time.
One of Odin’s ravens. Realistic black and grey. Odin and his ravens. Rose pocket watch and dove composition. Black and grey with fine line realistic approach. Heaed realistic strawberries, flower, and bee on a super tough client. Also pictured is a small rainbow flower on her ear. Nature scene with foliage, daisy, and a bee. The daisy and bee are fresh, everything else is healed. Black and grey realistic girl and car. The girl is referenced from Steve Soto amd the car is a ‘63 Impala. Soft realistic black and grey skull.
KSKory Strickland
Kory Strickland