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Red Rocket Tattoo

New York, New York, NY


Fibs has been involved in art since 1999 and started tattooing in 2002, making a shift from graffiti to tattoos. Feeling intrigued by this art forms that with so much pride he represents. Graffiti started it all for him, at the age of 14 when he began sketching, tagging and bombing. That phase evolved rapidly into more complex and serious type of Graffiti, Wild Style lettering and production Murals. Being an active writer and part of the movement, Graffiti expanded his mind channeling to new paths. In this journey he found his way into the Tattoo world. Which he describes has being inspiring and a broadening art form. After a few year he began working large scales pieces with a more serious pursuit. At the moment he specialize in Black & Grey and Japanese style tattoos. He approaches a tattoo as if it was a painting, the same artistic thought that he gives when he's working on a canvas or mural. "A tattoo is a piece of art and it should be always treated like one..."



Black & Gray
Japanese (Irezumi)
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