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Galen Bryce ( aka Drip Skull)

Drip Skull Studios

Next week


Meet Galen, a Brooklyn-based queer tattoo artist with a unique niche in horror, anime, and shibari tattoos. Galen's work combines elements of pop culture and subculture, offering a distinct blend that makes each tattoo a unique storytelling piece.



Hour rate:250 USD
Min. rate:250 USD
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get a stunning illustrative anime girl tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Galen Bryce, aka Drip Skull.Bat chest piece tattoo by @galenbrycetattoo Brooklyn NYIgnorant style forearm tattoo featuring a girl with headphones, done by Galen Bryce (aka Drip Skull)Vibrant new school spider design on lower leg by tattoo artist Galen Bryce, AKA Drip Skull. Bold and eye-catching!Get a unique illustrative tattoo on your upper leg featuring a man with small lettering, done by the talented artist Drip Skull.Unique black and gray design on upper arm featuring a torch, flame, eye, and chain by Galen Bryce (Drip Skull).Ignorant style forearm tattoo featuring a delicate flower, skull, and fly design by Galen Bryce (aka Drip Skull).Butterfly Tattoo by Galen Bryce Tattoo #butterflytattoo Illustrative tattoo by Galen Bryce (Drip Skull), featuring elegant shibari design on a woman's body.Expressive upper arm tattoo featuring teeth, pill, tongue, and lips in vibrant anime style by renowned artist Galen Bryce (aka Drip Skull).Unique dotwork and fine line illustrative tattoo featuring a bear and care bears, by Galen Bryce (aka Drip Skull).Express your style with a bottle, eyes, and eyeballs tattoo on your upper leg by the talented artist Galen Bryce (aka Drip Skull).
Illustrative forearm tattoo by Drip Skull featuring a heartbroken anime girl with tears and a collar design.Neon Genesis Evangelion anime tattoo by @galenbrycetattoo Brooklyn NYGet a bold and dynamic axe design by renowned artist Galen Bryce, aka Drip Skull, for a standout upper leg piece.Get inked with a fine line anime style tattoo of angel wings on your lower leg by Galen Bryce (Drip Skull).tattoo by galen bryce #galenbryce Vibrant forearm tattoo featuring a whimsical frog playing a piano, created by artist Galen Bryce (Drip Skull).Anime tattoo by @galenbrycetattoo Brooklyn NYExperience the intricate beauty of dotwork and fine line style depicting a lighthouse, statue, and saintess on your calf. By talented artist Galen Bryce.Vibrant anime style tattoo featuring a powerful woman screaming, designed by Galen Bryce (aka Drip Skull).Get seductively inked by Galen Bryce with a mouth, tongue, and lips motif in an ignorant style on your forearm. Embrace the provocative beauty of this unique piece.Experience the intricate beauty of a fine line snake intertwined with a vibrant peony flower, expertly tattooed by Galen Bryce (aka Drip Skull).Discover the powerful combination of an axe and blood in this striking upper leg tattoo by Galen Bryce (aka Drip Skull).
GBGalen Bryce ( aka Drip Skull)
Galen Bryce ( aka Drip Skull)