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Denis has been tattooing for about 6 years. For the last 3 years he has been paying attention to geeky new school tattoos. He can easily create an interesting drawing with an original composition and plot. Each project is designed taking into account the human anatomy and according to the client's requests.


Min. rate:400 EUR
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Vibrant new school tattoo on upper leg featuring a zombified Pickle Rick holding a gun surrounded by pickles and a skeleton, by Denis.Get an illustrative lower leg tattoo of Super Man in Lego style by artist Denis. A unique blend of two iconic characters!This vibrant sleeve tattoo features a new school style with illustrations of a gun, alien, box, and Crash Bandicoot, all expertly done by artist Denis.Vibrant new school tattoo on lower leg featuring a unique ink bottle design by Denis.Vibrant and detailed new school style tattoo of a pirate skull wearing a hat, expertly executed by artist Denis on the lower leg.Vibrant tattoo on arm featuring a playful monkey, majestic lion, blooming flower, and fluffy cloud in new school illustrative style.New school style tattoo by Denis featuring a deer skull with horns and skeleton on the forearmGet a futuristic robot tattoo on your arm by artist Denis in a unique new school style.Vibrant illustrative design featuring a heart, skull, balloon, and bones by artist Denis.Vibrant illustrative design by artist Denis, featuring a unique combination of an alien and a gun on the arm.Vibrant illustrative design of a cute kid wearing a cap, created by Denis. Perfect for arm placement.
Vibrant new school tattoo featuring a joker card motif, done by the talented artist Denis on the forearm.Vibrant illustrative design by Denis on lower leg, sure to stand out.Vibrant mashup of a fox, gun, alien, and Crash Bandicoot in a playful illustrative style by Denis.Colorful new_school tattoo featuring a playful monkey and fierce lion, expertly illustrated by Denis.Colorful new school style dino with bold lettering quote on lower leg by Denis. A fun and unique design that will make a statement.Unique new school design blending gun, sword, duck, and quote in illustrative style by Denis. Make a bold statement with this dynamic tattoo.Vibrant and expressive upper arm tattoo featuring a stylized cat and girl design, done by the talented artist Denis.Blackwork forearm tattoo featuring iconic Harley Quinn motifs - gun and hammer, created by Denis in an illustrative style.Get a vibrant and detailed new school turtle tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Denis. Stand out with this unique illustrative design!Get a vibrant new school tattoo of the iconic Aku Aku from Crash Bandicoot on your upper leg by the talented artist Denis.Get a fun and colorful new school SpongeBob tattoo on your forearm by talented artist Denis. A cool way to show off your love for this iconic character!