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George Antony

Lost Soul Society

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Howdy, I'm George, I specialise in abstract black work tattoos. I'm based in both south east and east London. I also love to do neo trad work.



Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Experience traditional Japanese art with this stunning dog motif tattoo by George Antony on your upper arm.Adorn your forearm with George Antony's intricate dotwork pattern design, a timeless and unique addition to your skin art collection.Intricate design by George Antony on upper arm, featuring delicate lines and natural elements.Unique fusion of traditional and black & gray styles by George Antony, featuring a flower and grim reaper motif on upper leg.Discover the stunning blackwork pattern tattoo created by artist George Antony on the forearm. Bold and intricate design.Dive into the haunting world of blackwork with this intricate ghost pattern tattoo by George Antony on lower leg.Unique black & gray and dotwork design by George Antony combining tree motif, intricate pattern, and roots.Adorn your forearm with intricate blackwork patterns by the talented artist George Antony. A unique and bold statement piece.Vibrant flower vase tattoo by artist George Antony, beautifully crafted on lower leg in neo-traditional style.Beautiful blackwork and neo-traditional style forearm tattoo featuring a cat motif intertwined with intricate patterns by George Antony.Elegant upper back tattoo by George Antony, featuring a mesmerizing moon motif in beautiful blackwork and dotwork styles.A stunning black and gray tattoo by artist George Antony featuring a detailed fish, pattern, and eye design on the forearm.
Vibrant neo-traditional lower leg tattoo featuring a unique blend of blooming flowers and skull by artist George Antony.A unique black and gray lower leg tattoo featuring a new school design of a dragon and fish linked together by a chain, by George Antony.A stunning black and gray dotwork and fine line tattoo of a radiant sun and sunrays, expertly crafted by George Antony.Experience the magic of fine line surrealism with this exquisite black and gray butterfly and pattern upper arm tattoo by artist George Antony.Discover the mesmerizing pattern design by George Antony, perfect for your upper arm. Stand out with this stunning blackwork tattoo.Beautiful butterfly and flower design by George Antony, elegantly done in black and gray ink on the hand.George Antony's small lettering tattoo on forearm featuring a quote and coordinates.Elegant blackwork pattern tattoo on the upper arm by George Antony, showcasing stunning artistry and precision.Discover the mesmerizing pattern and lines of this upper leg tattoo by artist George Antony. Perfect for lovers of intricate designs.Embrace the neo-traditional and ignorant styles with this stunning lower leg tattoo by artist George Antony.George Antony's exquisite upper arm tattoo features a captivating blend of black and gray tones, dotwork technique, and a unique motif of moon and butter pattern.Capture the beauty of nature with this neo traditional snake tattoo on your lower leg by the talented artist George Antony.
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George Antony