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Anna is a Ukrainian tattoo artist. She has been doing a lot og guest spots lately and is coming to K-ink studio in September! She creates lots of black&grey art and love to incorporate red ink into her pieces.
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Unique blackwork and illustrative design by Anna, featuring a snake and mushroom motif on the upper leg.Blackwork tattoo on lower leg by Anna featuring a beautiful woman surrounded by flowers.Unique upper arm tattoo by Anna featuring a mix of fish and vegetable motifs in blackwork style lettering and illustration.Elegant blackwork design by Anna on ribs depicting a stunning hummingbird surrounded by intricate thorns.Unique blackwork tattoo on lower leg by Anna featuring a snake, apple, and woman motif. Perfect blend of art and symbolism.Unique upper arm tattoo by Anna featuring a frog, pizza, toad, bread, and hamburger in illustrative blackwork style.Get a stunning illustrative blackwork tattoo featuring a flower and mushroom design on your upper arm, expertly done by Anna.This stunning illustrative tattoo of a woman, done by the talented artist Anna, is perfect for your upper arm. Embrace the beauty of feminine energy with this unique design.A striking blackwork tattoo on the upper leg featuring a bird, flower, and rope, expertly done by artist Anna.Illustrative lower leg tattoo featuring a beautiful flower and shrimp, created by Anna.Illustrative tattoo by Anna featuring a hannya mask with ropes and horns, beautifully executed on the lower leg.Get electrified with Anna's intricate blackwork design on your upper arm. A striking combination of lightning and patterns.
Beautiful upper leg tattoo featuring a woman with flowers, in an illustrative style by tattoo artist Anna.Stunning upper arm tattoo by Anna featuring a intricate design of flowers, women, mushrooms and leaves in blackwork style.Illustrative design featuring a flower, rat, and tears on the upper leg by tattoo artist Anna.Illustrative design featuring a butterfly, moth, and leaf, expertly done by Anna on the forearm.Illustrative design by Anna, featuring a beautiful bird and flower motif on the knee.Illustrative design by Anna featuring a majestic koi fish swimming through intricate waves, perfectly placed on the knee.Anna's blackwork and illustrative design features a detailed tree, flower, and fruit motif on the upper arm. A beautiful and unique tattoo!Capture the beauty of nature with this blackwork illustrative tattoo featuring a sun, bird, and flower on your upper leg.Explore the depths of creativity with this blackwork tattoo on your upper leg by Anna. Unleash the magic of the underwater world!This blackwork tattoo by Anna features intricate wings and a mesmerizing eye, beautifully designed for the upper arm.Express your love for nature with this stunning blackwork sleeve featuring intricately detailed flowers and fruits. Designed by the talented artist Anna.Elegant upper arm tattoo featuring a detailed bird and flower design in a bold blackwork style by the talented artist Anna.