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BGBailey Goodwin

Bailey Goodwin

Bodhi Body Modification

Next month


Tattoo Artist at Bodhi Body Modification in Des Moines, IA. Instagram: Tattoosbybailey



Black & Gray
About the Artist

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Sunflower 🌻Galaxy BearMoon Flower on the footWatercolor giaraffes (Villain Arts Dallas Tattoo Convention 2019)Mongoose fighting a cobra (Villain Arts Dallas Tattoo Convention 2019)Client wanted their cat, Moe (Full name Mo’ Money) tattooed on them reaching for money (Villain Arts Dallas Tattoo Convention 2019)Panther Little swallow bird behind the earMooned someone πŸŒ•Watercolor Sunflowers 🌻 (Villain Arts Baltimore Tattoo Convention 2019)But for real. . . there better be dogs Black and Grey Sunflower I did with my new Axys Valhalla machine!
Black and grey bee with some honeycomb patternsGalaxy Mountain LionBio-organic squid Inner bicep portion of a half sleeve watercolor floral piece (Villain Arts Dallas Tattoo Convention 2019)Outside part of a watercolor floral sleeve (Villain Arts Dallas Tattoo Convention 2019)Watercolor orchidKITTT BEEEEEEE 🐱🐝It’s always spooky season! πŸπŸ‚πŸ•ΈπŸ•·πŸ‘»β˜ οΈGriffon. I was honored to receive 2nd place in Female Medium Color. (Villain Arts Council Bluffs Tattoo Convention 2019)Sunflower 🌻 (Villain Arts Baltimore Tattoo Convention 2019)Dagger I did on my co worker, Nick Gulans, on his knee ditch!Yellow Roses (Villain Arts Louisville Tattoo Convention 2019)
BGBailey Goodwin
Bailey Goodwin