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Frankie Brown

Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos

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Hey I’m a 26 year old Londoner and work primarily in London. I like too many things but my favourite style of tattooing is Neo Traditional and colour. Into pop culture and nerd out about a bit too many things! I love chatting and meeting all kinds of people, hearing why they want what they get!



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:80 GBP
About the Artist

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Get a vibrant new school style tattoo of various fruits, skillfully inked by artist Frankie Brown on your forearm.Get a stunning black and gray tattoo of a woman and clown on your hand by the talented artist Frankie Brown.Enchanted Sword by me Get inked by Frankie Brown with this unique forearm piece combining a classic anchor and iconic lighthouse design.Beautifully detailed upper arm tattoo featuring a fine line design of a dragon intertwined with a delicate flower, created by artist Frankie Brown.Discover the perfect blend of sun and mountain motifs in this stunning upper leg tattoo by Frankie Brown. Embrace the beauty of nature and precision of geometric lines.Traditional Pet Portrait Get inked with a beautifully personalized lettering tattoo by Frankie Brown, featuring a heart motif on your ribs.Frankie Brown's fine line forearm tattoo features a stunning and detailed pattern of interconnected circles.Get a vibrant new school style candle tattoo on your lower leg by talented artist Frankie Brown.Get a unique tattoo by Frankie Brown combining a heart motif with beautiful lettering on your ribs.Elegant heart motif tattoo by Frankie Brown, delicately inked on the thigh for a subtle and stylish look.
Discover the mesmerizing blend of fine lines and bold colors in this upper arm tattoo by Frankie Brown. The neo-traditional style brings the snake and Medusa to life with exquisite detail.Experience the power and beauty of a black and gray Japanese dragon tattoo by artist Frankie Brown.Capture the beauty of nature and femininity with this stunning neo traditional tattoo by artist Frankie Brown, on your arm.Elegantly inked on forearm by Frankie Brown, this fine line tattoo features a meaningful quote and number motif.Vibrant new school style tattoo on shin by artist Frankie Brown featuring a bold yellow ink penis motif.Get a stunning black and gray fine line eye tattoo by artist Frankie Brown for a unique and artistic look.Get inked with this unique new school design featuring a pirate skull wearing a hat, by the talented artist Frankie Brown.Get inspired with this small lettering quote tattoo by Frankie Brown on your upper leg.Impressive black and gray tiger design by Frankie Brown, perfect for your forearm.A striking blackwork tattoo on the forearm featuring a devil and woman, masterfully executed by artist Frankie Brown.Get a personalized touch with this small lettering tattoo of your name by the talented artist Frankie Brown.
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Frankie Brown