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Kateryna Goshchanska

Debut Studios

This week


I have been an artist all my life, i have mastered many styles and techniques in painting, but at some point I decided that it was time to draw on human bodies)



Hour rate:150 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Detailed and intricate dragon design by fine line specialist Kateryna Goshchanska.Illustrative black and gray tattoo of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, by Kateryna Goshchanska. Playful and nostalgic design.Get inked with a stunning illustrative dragon tattoo by the talented artist Kateryna Goshchanska. Embrace the power and grace of this mythical creature.Custom dragon designeEmbrace the force with this striking blackwork tattoo featuring the iconic emblem of the Jedi Order. Expertly done by Kateryna Goshchanska.Experience the ancient magic of Norse runes in this illustrative tattoo by Kateryna Goshchanska.Embrace the beauty of the golden ratio with this abstract geometric tattoo meticulously crafted by Kateryna Goshchanska.Get inked with a stunning black and gray Surinam cherry design by Kateryna Goshchanska. Showcase your love for nature with this elegant floral tattoo.This black and gray swallow tattoo by Kateryna Goshchanska features a beautifully detailed illustration of a bird in flight.Discover the mesmerizing beauty of this ornamental tattoo design created by the talented artist Kateryna Goshchanska.
Capture the beauty of nature with this traditional swallow tattoo by Kateryna Goshchanska. Perfect for those seeking a timeless design.Explore the magic of the sea with this enchanting Ariel tattoo, beautifully illustrated by Kateryna Goshchanska.London calling 🖤 flash tattoo Elegant and intricate blackwork chrysanthemum design by Kateryna Goshchanska, blending illustrative style with delicate floral motif.Beautiful fine line ornamental tattoo featuring a lotus flower and mandala design by Kateryna Goshchanska.Mini scorpionsBeautiful and intricate small lettering tattoo by Kateryna Goshchanska, perfect for subtle and meaningful body art.Rune tattooGet a unique illustrative tattoo of a dog with a sketchy style, expertly done by artist Kateryna Goshchanska.
KGKateryna Goshchanska
Kateryna Goshchanska