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HLHawk Love

Hawk Love

Highland Tattoo

Next month


Im a 9 year tattooer speacializing in polynesian tribal tattoos. I love tattoos that tell a story and have meaning behind them. let me tell your story through our symbols



Black & Gray
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Freehand sin flower black and Grey with eyeball as all seeing eyeFun custom tattoo featuring the white rabbit from Alice and wonderlandPhiladelphia Eagles tattoo done the other night Freehand polynesian tattoo. This tattoo has alot of meaning behind the design. The turtle represent my clients grandmother. Turtle have a large spiritual donne tyion to folders who have passed away. The negative space gecko r represent the passage way the spirit can pass through. The plumeria represent calmness and understanding Freehand polynesian tattoo done with hawaiian and Samoan motifs Freehand polynesian Guam seal Freehand polynesian tattoo done with all Samoan motifs and flowFreehand polynesian sting rey tattoo done with hawaiian morifs with the map of hawaii
Fun princess Peach from the other nightFreehand polynesian tattoo add on All done with 3 rl on my good friend niko Freehand mixed polynesian pineapple Freehand polynesian Samoan styleFreehand polynesian tattoo hawaiian style with the tropical hibiscus flowers native to hawaiiFreehand polynesian tattoo mixed with philipino and hawaiian motifs Freehand polynesiab tattoo done with hawaiian motifs
HLHawk Love
Hawk Love