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HSHenry Skitmore

Henry Skitmore

Hold Fast Tattoo

Next month


Tattoo Artist at Hold Fast Tattoo Studio Tattoo Artist at Rude Boy Tattoo Studio Norwich Norfolk England



Old School (Traditional)
Japanese (Irezumi)
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

MCR tattoo1/2 photos of the old school Bob catOlds chook rose tattooOld school rose tattooOld school flower butterfly tattooOlds school Saber tooth tigerOld school jelly fish tattoiSasuke tattoo from NarutoGrim Reaper on holiday tattooJerry tattoo from Tom & JerryOld school flowery panther
The start of a Japanese sleeve with an undead samurai warrior2/2 pictures of the old school bobcatTiny Tina's rabbit tattoo from borderlandsOld school cherry skulls tattooOld school from reaper tattooJapanese Mon Mon cat tattooOld school Dragon Ball Z tattooOld school pineapple tattooJerry tattoo from Tom & JerryJerry tattoo from Tom & Jerry
HSHenry Skitmore
Henry Skitmore