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Holly Hawk

Flame Wise Ink | Toronto Tattoo Studio

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With her creativity and unique approach, Holly’s charming designs look like modern engravings for your skin.


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get a stunning blackwork and illustrative tattoo of a heart and pattern by tattoo artist Holly Hawk on your forearm.Get a unique and elegant upper arm tattoo of a hand holding a candle, expertly done in fine line illustrative style by artist Holly Hawk.Get a stunning fine line upper arm tattoo combining a heart, dagger, pattern, and hand motifs by the talented Holly Hawk.Get inked by Holly Hawk with this arm tattoo featuring a detailed alien monster design in fine line illustrative style.Express your emotions with this intricate fine line tattoo featuring a pattern of tears, perfect for your forearm. Designed by the talented artist Holly Hawk.Elegant and detailed illustrative tattoo featuring a bird perched on a tree by the talented Holly Hawk.Elegant fine line gun illustration on ribs by the talented artist Holly Hawk. A unique and stylish choice for your next tattoo.Get a delicate fairy wings tattoo on your upper arm with fine line details and illustrative style by tattoo artist Holly Hawk.Check out this stunning blackwork tattoo by Holly Hawk featuring a clock and a rat, beautifully placed on the ribs.Elegant fine line and illustrative style dragon tattoo beautifully crafted by the talented artist Holly Hawk.
Elegant fine line forearm tattoo featuring an angelic cherub holding a cupid's arrow, designed by the talented artist Holly Hawk.Fine line illustrative tattoo on chest by Holly Hawk featuring a heart, cross, and thorns motif.Get a bold blackwork design by Holly Hawk featuring a detailed skull motif on your arm.Small lettering and illustrative design on forearm featuring a flower, name, and quote.Stunning fish design for upper arm placement, expertly executed by tattoo artist Holly Hawk.A hauntingly beautiful fine line tattoo featuring a moon, bat, spider, grim reaper, and other spooky motifs by the talented artist Holly Hawk.Bold blackwork skull with horns by the talented artist Holly Hawk, a unique and striking addition to your upper leg.Express your love for sewing with a fine line illustrative tattoo featuring a sewing machine and inspiring quote by Holly Hawk.Illustrative tattoo by Holly Hawk featuring a beautiful fruit-filled frame on the forearm.Upper arm blackwork tattoo by Holly Hawk featuring a vintage car and meaningful quote in illustrative lettering.Get inked with a stylish car design by talented artist Holly Hawk, perfect for those who love minimalistic blackwork tattoos.
HHHolly Hawk
Holly Hawk