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FSFrancisco Sanchez

Francisco Sanchez

Dark Age Tattoo Studio

Next month


I specialize in black and grey and color realism/ surrealism



Black & Gray
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Horse with lightning Nipsey Hustle This is one of the pieces I had the most fun with this year, my client Eric said he was open to ideas and just let me do my thing, he just wanted something with the king and queen theme to be the subject. Looking forward to doing more pieces like this in the near future. In memory of a very special dog, love tattooing stuff like this.
This was a fun effect to try and pull off.Flower TattooOne of the few color pieces I’ve done this year, I’m a little more selective with the color pieces I take on as they do take me a lot longer than black and grey but I definitely enjoy doing them. Have a couple more hours left on this one but thought I’d share anyway.This is part of a sleeve on my good client Jeff, it's a picture of him and his wife on their wedding day, I was all about this idea the moment he mentioned it.
FSFrancisco Sanchez
Francisco Sanchez