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Emma InkBaby

Debut Studios

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Hello, my name’s Emma (aka InkBaby). I’m a London based artist specialising in fine-line tattoos. Within fine-line, I love to explore many different subjects. My favourite thing about being a tattoo artist is having the opportunity to connect with, and get to know all the people I tattoo.



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
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Get a dainty star tattoo from Emma InkBaby, known for her intricate fine line designs.Get a stunning small lettering tattoo by artist Emma InkBaby for a minimalist and sophisticated look.Get zesty with this intricately detailed lemon tattoo created by Emma InkBaby. Perfect for any fruit lover looking for a unique and elegant design.Let the magic of Emma InkBaby's illustrative style bring this delicate fairy motif to life on your skin.Get a cute and playful illustrative tattoo of your beloved pet cat by the talented artist Emma InkBaby. Show off your love for felines with this unique design.Capture the beauty of angels and cherubs with this elegant fine line tattoo by Emma InkBaby.Elegant small lettering tattoo by Emma InkBaby, perfect for minimalist lovers seeking a subtle yet meaningful design.Elegant and detailed ginko leaf design by Emma InkBaby, combining fine lines with illustrative style.Capture the magic of the night sky with this exquisite star tattoo by the talented artist Emma InkBaby. Perfect for those who love celestial beauty.Get a delicate and elegant tattoo with small lettering by the talented Emma InkBaby. Perfect for those looking for a subtle yet meaningful design.
Get groovy with these sleek fine line tattoos by Emma InkBaby, featuring matching disco ball motifs. Perfect for celebrating friendship or love!Elegant fine line script tattoo by Emma InkBaby, perfect for those seeking a peaceful reminder in a stylish form.Elegant swan design by Emma InkBaby, featuring detailed illustrative style for a stunning and unique tattoo.Get a beautifully minimalistic cross tattoo with delicate small lettering done by the talented artist Emma InkBaby.Get a unique and edgy tattoo with small glitchy lettering by talented artist Emma InkBaby. Perfect for a subtle yet impactful design.Get a personalized fine line tattoo featuring a small heart and name, expertly done by Emma InkBaby.Get a beautifully intricate heart tattoo with fine line work and illustrative style by the talented artist Emma InkBaby.Adorn your skin with a delicate fine line star tattoo created by the talented artist Emma InkBaby.Get a delicate fine line heart tattoo by Emma InkBaby for a minimalist and elegant look. Perfect for expressing love and passion. Book your appointment now!Get a minimalist and stylish look with this fine line ring tattoo by Emma InkBaby. Enhance your finger with subtle brown ink. Perfect for a modern and chic touch.
EIEmma InkBaby
Emma InkBaby