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Flame Wise Ink | Toronto Tattoo Studio

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With a one-of-a-kind chaotic sketch style that combines black and grey realism and vibrant colour, Inkcognito is professional, fun and inspiring at the same time.


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get a badass black and gray tattoo on your lower leg featuring Harley Quinn, a gun, and a hammer by the talented artist Inkcognito.Get an intricate blackwork foo dog tattoo on your upper arm by the talented artist Inkcognito. Perfect for those who appreciate Japanese art!Inkcognito's striking blackwork upper arm tattoo featuring a beautiful girl wearing a mask and armor.Get a vibrant new school tattoo of Ryu by Inkcognito on your upper leg for a bold and unique look.Illustrative and bold tattoo of a samurai man on the forearm by Inkcognito, showcasing intricate blackwork design.Elegant watercolor design of a bird and flower by Inkcognito, perfect for your rib tattoo. Express your love for nature with this beautiful piece.Get a vibrant new school style Spider Man tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Inkcognito. Stand out with this illustrative design!This blackwork forearm tattoo features an angel in helmet with wings and spear, by the talented Inkcognito.Get inked with this futuristic new school illustrative robot design by Inkcognito on your upper arm. Embrace the power and technology of Gundam!Get a playful new school rabbit design on your arm by the talented artist Inkcognito. Stand out with this unique illustrative piece.
Check out this stunning blackwork tattoo of a man on the upper leg, done by Inkcognito. A true work of art!Explore the cosmos with this blackwork alien planet tattoo on your arm. By the skilled artist Inkcognito.Get inked by Inkcognito with a striking blackwork design featuring a snake and flower on your knee. Unique and bold!Bold blackwork dragon illustration on chest by talented artist Inkcognito, showcasing fierce and intricate design.Elegant blackwork tattoo on upper back featuring a snake, wings, eye, and Horus motif by Inkcognito.Check out this stunning arm tattoo featuring a blackwork illustration of a girl, done by the talented artist Inkcognito.Get fierce with this illustrative Sagat tattoo by Inkcognito. Perfect for fans of the new school style.Discover the power and beauty of a Japanese dragon with this illustrative tattoo by Inkcognito. Make a statement with this stunning design!Bold blackwork design of a samurai warrior by Inkcognito, a powerful and illustrative piece for the upper arm.Explore the bold and intricate design of a fox in blackwork style by talented artist Inkcognito.