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IBIsaac Bergendahl

Isaac Bergendahl

Skin Art Gallery

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I’m Isaac Bergendahl, a passionate 26 year old artist from the Dallas/Denton area. Most of my background in tattooing has been nontraditional as I have simultaneously pursued a full time art career. I have been drawing since I was a small child and my most used medium besides tattoos is ink/pencil and wood-burning. I participate in many local art shows and remain active amongst the Dallas art community, even being published online and in magazines. I’ve practiced wood burning for over 5 years and tattoos for over 3 years. I started tattooing at Subject to Addiction in 2015 and then Divine Art in 2016. My most used tattoo style is reflective of my art, in which I depict visuals that are unseen to the human eye using spirituality and existentialism.



Black & Gray
Dark Art
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Blacked out Octopus Pink Roses Custom geometric skull with roses Baby Groot Dodgers fan
Little Tulip on the Thumb Barbed Wire Knuckles Huge eagle across the shoulder/chest areaOriginal Demon/Hanya
IBIsaac Bergendahl
Isaac Bergendahl