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Dorota is a Polish artist and a specialist in black&grey and color realism, as well as floral pieces. She is a resident at Timeless Ink Toronto.


Hour rate:180 CAD
Min. rate:80 CAD
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get a striking blackwork illustration of a sword and hannya mask by talented artist Dorota on your lower leg.A stunning illustrative fish tattoo on the forearm by talented artist Dorota. This unique design is sure to make a bold statement.Unique blackwork and watercolor design by Dorota featuring a watch, clock, numbers, eye, and delicate flowers.Intricate blackwork design featuring a bird, bee, hummingbird, and flower motifs. A masterpiece of illustrative artistry.Get a unique and stunning illustrative tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Dorota. Express your creativity and individuality with this beautiful design.Elegant blackwork and fine line flower design on shoulder by Dorota, expert in illustrative tattoos.Dorota's blackwork Viking design features intricate tribal patterns on the chest for a bold and powerful statement.Illustrative blackwork tattoo of a feather transforming into a phoenix, skillfully inked by artist Dorota.Illustrative blackwork tattoo featuring a woman, clown, necklace, and katrina motifs, by Dorota. Bold and stylish design.Graceful blackwork and fine line illustrative design by Dorota for a stunning neck piece.Unique blackwork design on upper arm by Dorota featuring a heart and needle motif.Explore the beauty of nature with this intricate blackwork tree design by talented artist Dorota.
Adorn your upper arm with a stunning watercolor jellyfish tattoo by Dorota. Stand out with this unique and artistic design.Stunning blackwork design by Dorota featuring a snake, woman, and eye, perfectly executed on the forearm.Exquisite blackwork design by Dorota combining fine lines and intricate patterns to create a stunning mandala lotus tattoo.Capture the emotion and beauty of Dorota's eye and tears design on your forearm, exquisitely crafted in illustrative style.Blackwork lower leg tattoo featuring a mountain, tree, snowboard, snow, and goggles. Illustrated by Dorota.Unique blackwork tattoo featuring an illustrative butterfly and knife design on the chest, by artist Dorota.Beautiful illustrative blackwork tattoo of a peony flower on the forearm, done by artist Dorota.Beautiful blackwork and fine line flower tattoo on upper leg by Dorota, featuring intricate illustrative details.Blackwork and illustrative style tattoo of a stunning bird by Dorota, showcasing exquisite detail and artistry on the upper back.Get a stunning blackwork flower tattoo on your forearm by Dorota, with intricate illustrative details.Capture the beauty of nature with this blackwork rabbit tattoo by renowned artist Dorota. Perfect for nature lovers!Elegant blackwork tattoo by Dorota featuring a delicate lotus flower and small lettering on the lower leg.