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instagram: @jack_padointattoo


Dark Art
Japanese (Irezumi)
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Little cherub, this was so much fun, thanks for looking @jack_padointattooFrom our flash day excluding one more cherry skull i couldn't fit into the collage! thanks for looking! @jack_padointattooreaper chest for the homie! straight from the wallI will never get tired of doing butterflies, insects and bugs, more like this please!healed sternum out in the world!Butterfly from my flash, would love to do more in various positions and sized scalesAlways stoked to be able to tattoo my flash designs! Japanese always welcome
Would love to do more tattoo such as this! thanks for looking! @jack_padointattooSelected from my flash! would love to do more birds please! thanks for looking!Because it's human nature? from some older flash, majority of the head is healed!Floral design selected from flash! thank you!Japanese mask blast over, black, black and some more black"I want a demon sitting on money/gold" These are the concepts that I work best with, this was euphoric to createFirst session down of my interpretation of japanese from some of my flash, shading and detailing to be done in next session, can't wait to finish this