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Jacky Yang


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Jacky specializes in many types of genres and designs. His work includes Black and Grey, Blackwork, Dark Art, and Japanese (Irezumi). Jacky also does Ornamental, Neo-Traditional as well as 3D Neo Tribal. Resident Artist in London at SANS PATRIE ✨



Hour rate:150 GBP
Min. rate:150 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Explore the intricate details of this stunning black and gray tattoo on the upper arm, featuring a beautiful woman, mesmerizing eyes, and delicate flower elements. A fusion of neo-traditional and realism styles.Admire Jacky Yang's stunning blackwork and neo-traditional design featuring a fox and delicate flower on your upper back.Intricate design by Jacky Yang featuring a samurai helmet, metal accents, and a beautiful chrysanthemum motif on the upper arm.Vibrant colors and intricate details by Jacky Yang for a stunning and symbolic tattoo on your ribs.Embrace the beauty of nature with this stunning neo-traditional tattoo by artist Jacky Yang. Featuring a graceful snake entwined with a vibrant flower, this piece is sure to make a statement.Experience the power of the sea with this striking illustrative tattoo by Jacky Yang. Dive into the beauty of Japanese wave motifs.Stunning black and gray design by Jacky Yang, featuring a dagger and menacing hannya eye. Perfect for upper leg placement.Adorn your upper leg with this stunning neo traditional tattoo featuring a snake intertwined with a flower, expertly crafted by Jacky Yang.Get a stunning new school style tattoo of a colorful fox and flower design on your upper arm by the talented artist Jacky Yang.Get inked with a stunning Japanese-inspired red dragon tattoo on your chest by the talented artist Jacky Yang.Jacky Yang's black and gray masterpiece featuring beautiful flowers and plants, perfect for the upper back placement.
Tribal with girlAdorn your upper arm with a stunning neo-traditional tattoo of a girl holding a fan, expertly inked by Jacky Yang.Elegant blackwork and fine line forearm tattoo featuring dynamic waves and striking flash accents, skillfully crafted by artist Jacky Yang.Vibrant neo-traditional tattoo by Jacky Yang featuring a beautiful flower and fierce hannya mask on lower arm.Adorn your upper leg with a mesmerizing creation by Jacky Yang featuring a delicate flower, face, mask, and eye design in fine line style.Experience the beauty and mystique of Japanese culture with this fine line neo-traditional tattoo by the talented artist Jacky Yang.Vibrant upper arm piece by Jacky Yang featuring beautiful chrysanthemum and lotus motifs in a neo-traditional style.Intricate design by Jacky Yang featuring a captivating hannya mask, blending traditional and contemporary styles on the forearm.Elegant neo traditional design featuring intricate flowers and leaves on upper leg. Let Jacky Yang's artistry bloom on your skin!Get a stunning red ink Japanese-style dragon tattoo on your upper arm by renowned artist Jacky Yang. Fine line details bring this mythical creature to life.Beautiful forearm tattoo combining a kitsune spirit with a vibrant flower, expertly inked by Jacky Yang.Vibrant neo-traditional tattoo featuring a beautiful flower and adorable ferret design, expertly created by Jacky Yang.
JYJacky Yang
Jacky Yang