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JGJada Guidinger

Jada Guidinger

Saint and Sinners

Portland , Oregon


I'm a 24 year old licensed tattoo Artist in Portland, OR. My style is very illustrative, New School, Neo traditional, with a lot of bright colors. I have a lot of love and respect for Japanese style art, as well as New School and I've been studying lots of styles to ensure I'm a diverse artist in lots of fields. I'm mostly self taught. I did take a Body/Life Drawing Class before, and some painting classes back in college, but other than that I've taught myself how to use computer programs to create my artwork. I started my journey as an artist very young, but really grew in my teen years when I started selling artwork online. It wasn't until college that I realized how little I liked the path I was on and began to go to school at Point Of View Tattoo School in Portland, OR. I now guest spot there and at Saint And Sinner's tattoo and look to grow and improve everyday. I refuse to tattoo anything offensive/racist/hateful/ and sorry- but I refuse to do human portraits. It's not my style and I see them more often then not look pretty scary. I'm currently available from 12pm-8pm ~ 7 days a week excluding certain holidays. If you're interested in knowing more about me and my work, hit me up! I'm always happy to meet new clients and artist.



Black & Gray
New School
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JGJada Guidinger
Jada Guidinger