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JSJared Soto

Jared Soto

Embellished Tattoo Company LLC

Next month


Southern Colorado based,traveling artist Specializing in black n grey,Chicano, color realism, and custom lettering



Black & Gray
Dark Art
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Schoolboy Q inspired alien Angler fish for lee A clock work orange, for the homie Jordan Mic with some water color background, thanks for looking Start to a sleeve, about 7 hours m, on Austin, thanks for looking! Smaller add ins to sleeve Frida~ done on my wife This Egyptian piece done in darker skin, trying to complete this sleeve I took over Rose with scorpion for my client Miguel Floral sleeve session two 2 big sessions and 1 small session for this sleeve, need to do complete the inner arm
Some floral designs with a clock and diamond heart Faith inspired piece Pieces of a heart Shoulder rocker, about 5 hours down Cover up tattoo 1st session Added a crown to these old letters( not mine) and reworked the whole tattoo Memorial tattoo One session for Justin in his sleeve Alice in wonderland themed piece Payasa done on client Jobstopper on first time client
JSJared Soto
Jared Soto