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JSJayvo Scott

Jayvo Scott

True To You Tattoo

Next month


True To You Tattoo was created by artist and actor Jayvo Scott who competed on Inkmaster. After years f being in the tattoo industry, Jayvo opened his studio welcoming everyone who wants to get a custom tattoo tailored to their specific wants and needs. You will NEVER be told your idea is dumb and our artists will not push you around or force you to get something you don't want. Tattoos are special to each unique person who wears them, no matter how big or small they should always be True To You!



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Custom rose mandala by Jayvo Scott Thigh piece comic book cover by Jayvo Scott Portrait by Jayvo Scott Tattoo by Jayvo Scott Coverup by JayVo ScottTattoo by Jayvo ScottJellies!! Done by Jayvo Scott Full sleeve complete by Jayvo ScottRealistic dragonfly done by Jayvo Scott Tattoo by Jayvo Scott
Pinkie pie by Jayvo Scott Realistic rose by Jayvo Scott Merica!! By Jayvo Scott Tattoo by Jayvo Scott & Mister Kito Tattoo by Jayvo Scott Coverup before and after by Jayvo Scott Tattoo done by Jayvo Scott Tattoo by Jayvo ScottGroooot! Done by Jayvo Scott Tattoo by Jayvo ScottOctopus done by Jayvo Scott ! I love doing dog portraits!!
JSJayvo Scott
Jayvo Scott