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JFJavier Franko

Javier Franko




Neotraditional tattooer since 1998 from Colombia, working in Barcelona and Porto.


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Neotraditional Knee demond
Classic Rose and spider tattoo
Cerberus tattoo full sleeve in progress
Neotraditional Angry wolf tattoo
Neotraditional Grifo tattoo
Bird and flower tattoo Knee skull tattoo Neotraditional art noveau inspiration tattoo Beheaded king tattoo project Wild grifo tattooBeheaded king tattoo project Cerberus tattoo
The magician. After two days in a row I did this neotraditional tattoo.
Two days in a row for this half leg project in progress, witch invocation tattoo.
Snake and hawks tattoo project in progress
The both sides of the neck tattooed with these snakes
Skull and demon tattoo
Fox tattoo covering some scars Neotraditional Fox tattoo Demon coming out of hell tattoo Neotraditional dragón tattoo Wild cat tattoo Neotraditional eagle tattoo
JFJavier Franko
Javier Franko