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Jenna Jeep

Flame Wise Ink | Toronto Tattoo Studio

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With her eye for detail, Jenna puts a creative touch on the American Traditional style, tattooing bold and unique designs that are classic and unconventional at the same time.


About the Artist

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Explore Jenna Jeep's blackwork design featuring a dog with a collar on the lower leg.Unique blackwork design by Jenna Jeep, bringing the beauty of a butterfly to your upper arm.Experience the thrill of the hunt with this bold blackwork tattoo by the talented Jenna Jeep. Illustrative design guaranteed to make a statement.Blackwork design by Jenna Jeep, featuring a detailed knife motif on the lower leg.Elegant blackwork design by Jenna Jeep, featuring a detailed flower and leaf motif on the ankle.Capture the warmth of the sun with this bold blackwork forearm tattoo by Jenna Jeep. A timeless and illustrative design.Elegant blackwork design of a flower by the talented Jenna Jeep, perfect for your forearm.Beautiful blackwork flower tattoo by Jenna Jeep, perfect for ankle placement.This unique tattoo features a dog wearing a Harry Potter inspired mask, with Luna Lovegood vibes. Perfect for any magical tattoo enthusiast!Beautiful blackwork and illustrative design by Jenna Jeep combining a crescent moon and delicate leaf motif on the chest.Impressive upper arm tattoo by Jenna Jeep, featuring a bold blackwork snake design in traditional style.Bold blackwork traditional tattoo of the Grim Reaper wielding a scythe, expertly done on lower leg by Jenna Jeep.
Get a striking blackwork tattoo of a frog hunting a fly on your upper leg. Unique design by Jenna Jeep.Elegant fine line tattoo on forearm by Jenna Jeep. Features intertwined DNA chain with small lettering of a meaningful quote.Get fierce with this blackwork tiger and heart tattoo by Jenna Jeep. A bold and illustrative piece for your arm.Get inked by Jenna Jeep with a stunning illustrative flower design on your forearm. Stand out with this unique blackwork piece.Experience the raw power of a claw tattoo in bold blackwork style by artist Jenna Jeep. Express your wild side with this illustrative design.Get a bold blackwork tattoo of teeth by Jenna Jeep. Perfect for those who love unique and edgy designs.Express yourself with a meaningful quote on your forearm. Jenna's illustrative style brings words to life.An edgy blackwork tattoo of a trap with spikes, expertly done by Jenna Jeep. Perfect for those who love bold and illustrative designs.Check out this blackwork sword tattoo by Jenna Jeep for a bold and unique sternum piece.Bold blackwork design by Jenna Jeep, showcasing a detailed leaf motif on your forearm.Unique design by Jenna Jeep featuring a flower, cross, and coffin motifs, perfect for those into traditional tattoos.Unique blackwork and traditional design by Jenna Jeep, featuring a clown woman with a hat on the arm.
JJJenna Jeep
Jenna Jeep