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The Dark Essence, Richmond, Melbourne

Next month


FOR ALL ENQUIRIES PLEASE DM ME THROUGH MY INSTAGRAM: grumpy_doper or Email me: THANK YOU :) 🖤 Instagram: grumpy_doper 👁‍🗨 Wechat: xdoper ♟ Melbourne Australia 🗃 or DM





Hour rate:165 AUD
Min. rate:165 AUD
About the Artist

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customized dog portrait for Oliver, thanks heaps 🐶front thigh peony piece from my tattoo flash, thank you so much for your trust again Tatiana 🌺flower/ geometric forearm sleeve for Willow, thanks for sat like a champion! 🌺calf sleeve mandala gap filler for Tao, thanks for your trust mate 🤗had so much fun for tattooing this beautifu sternum hamsa piece for @keely.lee and you are so brave girl! thanks for your trust 🧡 done at @thedarkessence with @metrixneedlesmatching doggo portrait tattoo for the lovely couple Kyle & Samantha, thanks for trusting me ?fineline work for the lovely Molly 🔥cover up work for Amy, you won’t even realize its a cover up tattoo! thanks for your trust Amy 🌻scars cover up/ lotus polynesian sleeve for Prince, done in one and half sessions, parts were freehand, thanks heaps for your trust Prince 👑
another mandala cover up for Tong, it was also a rework of his old lotus tattoo 😊mandala cover up on Maria, thank you 🙏stunning sunflowers bicep piece i did for Jemma, thanks for your trust again!healed hamsa sternum piece on Keely and we added some matching ornamental piece on her stomach again, thanks for your trust again girl 🧡stunning bicep flowers piece for Alice, thanks for your trust girl 🌺 done at @thedarkessence with @metrixneedlescustomized bicep piece for the lovely @sarahsunshine67 ❤️ great to see you again after the lockdown and thank you for always sitting so perfectly during our session 🔥 done at @thedarkessence with @metrixneedlesi was enjoyed tattooing this piece for Felicia, thanks for sitting so well 🖤did this stunning piece for Venus the other day, thanks for your trust girl 💖🌞& 🌛ornamental forearm piece for Erin, design was based on her own reference then i redrawn it for her, thanks for coming in and trust me, had so much fun for tattooing this elegant piece for you! 😉 done at @thedarkessence with @metrixneedleshad so much fun for tattooing Tarsha’s back thigh butterfly piece, very painful spot but looks super nice, thanks for your trust again Tarsha 🦋chest piece for Tatiana 💖 For bookings please DM. Checking my other works/ designs ➡️ instagram: Grumpy_Doper