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Joanna Webb

Luck Struck Tattoo

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Meet Joanna, a distinguished tattoo artist based in London, crafting her artistry from The Last Rodeo studio. Specializing in dotwork, contrast, black work, and fine-line tattoos, she seamlessly combines her skills to create mesmerizing pieces. Joanna offers a diverse range of flash designs and is passionately dedicated to bringing your custom tattoo visions to life.



Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

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Elegant fine line tattoo featuring intricate flowers and plants on the ribs, expertly done by Joanna Webb.Exquisite peony and leaf design by Joanna Webb, creating a delicate and elegant look on your forearm.Unique lower leg ink by Joanna Webb featuring a dark floral design with a skull and dagger motif.Elegant flower and plant design by Joanna Webb, delicately inked on the chest in fine line style.Delicate fine line design featuring leaves, nuts, and plants by Joanna Webb.Experience the dark allure of a devil woman with horns in this intricate dotwork and fine line design by Joanna Webb.Unique blackwork and dotwork design by Joanna Webb, featuring traditional Japanese hannya mask with horns on the shin.Unique design featuring heart, tears, and eyes in intricate dotwork and fine line style, expertly executed on the neck by talented artist Joanna Webb.Elegant and delicate chest tattoo of butterfly and flowers by Joanna Webb, showcasing intricate fine line work.Beautiful fine line floral tattoo featuring a flower, hat, and plants by Joanna Webb. Perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and botanical-inspired design.Elegant and delicate floral design for your ankle. Intricate fine line work by the talented tattoo artist Joanna Webb.A stunning blackwork tattoo of a fierce tiger with intricate stripes, beautifully crafted by the talented artist Joanna Webb on the upper arm.
Exquisite dotwork design featuring a snake, flowers and plants by Joanna Webb. Perfect for a unique and elegant forearm piece.Beautiful fine line tattoo featuring a delicate flower and arrow design by Joanna Webb, with intricate line work.A delicate upper arm tattoo combining fine dotwork, small lettering, and floral motifs with a meaningful quote and leaf accents by talented artist Joanna Webb.Exquisite fine-line flower and plant design by Joanna Webb for a sophisticated look on your forearm.Adorn your upper arm with a stunning dotwork peony tattoo by Joanna Webb, featuring intricate floral details in fine line style.Unique upper back tattoo by Joanna Webb featuring a beautiful combination of floral, heart, and paw motifs in a dotwork and geometric style.Beautiful flowr design by Joanna Webb, featuring fine line details and intricate dotwork on your arm.Elegant and detailed forearm tattoo featuring dotwork, fine line, and ornamental styles by renowned artist Joanna Webb.Elegant dotwork and fine line design by Joanna Webb, featuring intricate floral and mandala motifs on the hand.Discover the universe through the eyes of a cowboy with this stunning dotwork and fine line forearm tattoo by Joanna Webb.Elegant floral design featuring boots and shoes, delicately inked on the upper arm by talented artist Joanna Webb.Get into the spooky spirit with this fine line pumpkin and leaf upper arm tattoo by Joanna Webb. Perfect for Halloween!
JWJoanna Webb
Joanna Webb