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Jodie Denise

Shall Adore Tattoo

This week


I’m Jodie, an LGBTQ+ artist specialising in Traditional styles with a pastel coloured twist; as well as classic Old School, Black & Grey, American Traditional, Japanese & East Asian, Cartoon, Anime and Kawaii. I work at Cursed Crystal, London’s first neurodiverse inclusive studio.


Hour rate:80 GBP
Min. rate:80 GBP
About the Artist

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Black and grey traditional Don Ed Hardy redraw of Geisha head 🌸 Black and grey traditional flail ⭐️ Pastel traditional pink cowboy hat 🤠 Pastel traditional butterfly 🦋 Custom pastel cowboy boots 🤠 Black and grey traditional flowers 💐 Black and grey traditional chains on the backs of the knees ⛓️ Black and grey traditional sacred heart ❤️ Black and grey traditional spider lady head 🕷️ Pastel traditional rose 🌹 Pastel traditional rose and hearts ❤️ 🌹 Custom illustrative design of a cuddly toy sheep 🐑
Halloween Hello Kitty 🐱 Pastel traditional swallow 🐦 Black and grey traditional / Japanese-inspired demon 👹Colour cartoon Animal Crossing peach 🍑 Traditional hearts scorpion 🦂 ♥️ Traditional-inspired porcelain centipede design 🐛 Custom traditional hearts and script design ♥️ Pastel traditional / Korean inspired tiger design 🐯 Pastel kawaii strawberry gap filler 🍓 Black and grey traditional snake 🐍 Pastel traditional butterfly 🦋 Pastel traditional heart-shaped flail 💖
JDJodie Denise
Jodie Denise