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JHJonny Hall

Jonny Hall

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My name is Jonny Hall, born in UK at the age of 23 I packed my bags to travel Australia and never came home. A student of art since I can remember I began my tattoo apprenticeship in 2015 and fell in love with the craft of tattooing overnight. I specialise in black and grey realism but I have always been drawn to ultra violet tattoos and the uniqueness of them. Blacklight tattoos are created using ultraviolet-reactive ink, depending on the pigment used, uv tattoos are semi-invisible in plain daylight, and they all become electric under an ultraviolet black-light bulb. After a lot of research and experimentation I have brought both worlds of traditional realism tattooing and new age uv pigments together, blending black and grey and blacklight tattoos into one. I believe the art of tattooing is sacred and the connection between the client and artist is just as important as the craft itself. In a world of rockstars and fame hungry individuals I pride myself on being a purist of tattooing. The one thing I guarantee in my work is absolute pride in every single piece no matter how big or small. I am currently based in UK again until June when I'll be heading back to Melbourne.


Black & Gray


Hour rate:75 GBP
Min. rate:75 GBP
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JHJonny Hall
Jonny Hall