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JtJose turneve

Jose turneve

Fifth Estate Tattoo

Next month


Jose Turneve is currently based out of Mesa, Arizona. He's an international multimedia artist specializing in custom tattoo work, murals and paintings He's always interested collaboration and bringing peoples artistic ideas to life on a variety of canvases.



Japanese (Irezumi)


Hour rate:150 USD
Min. rate:150 USD
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Tengu Uraraka Toad closeups Toads Heikegani!Trippy spider!Healed hanya Dragon Sneaky snake Choji 2/2Dragons are forever! Tengo mask
Omamori KappaTigerPeach done by me ! I Didn’t do the other tattoo Shishi dog Bend back ladySnake and peony Tanuki More jap work ! HanyaHanya mask
JtJose turneve
Jose turneve