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Juliany Braga

Juliany Braga Studio

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I'm a Designer, illustrator, visual and tattoo artist from Brazil, with an academic background in Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Fine arts and Art history. With 7 years of experience I am specialized in Micro-realism, fine line and single needle work.



Hour rate:240 CAD
Min. rate:240 CAD
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A stunning illustrative butterfly tattoo on the chest by tattoo artist Juliany Braga. Vibrant colors and intricate details bring this beautiful design to life.Embrace the beauty of nature with sea, sun, bird, tree, anchor, and lighthouse motifs in an illustrative style by Juliany Braga.Beautiful and detailed flower tattoo on the upper arm, expertly done by artist Juliany Braga.Captivating realism tattoo featuring a frog with a crown, mushroom, and leaf, expertly done by Juliany Braga.Express your love for nature with this vibrant watercolor goose tattoo. Designed by the talented artist Juliany Braga. Perfect for arm placement.Beautifully detailed flower tattoo for the forearm, created by talented artist Juliany Braga.Beautiful illustrative forearm tattoo featuring a stunning sea motif, created by Juliany Braga.Get a stunning illustrative tattoo of your beloved dog by the talented artist Juliany Braga. The detailed and lifelike design will surely make a statement.Adorn your upper arm with Juliany Braga's stunning realistic and illustrative design of a cat with wings for a mystical and unique look.A stunning blackwork forearm tattoo featuring an illustrative bird and inspiring quote by Juliany Braga.Get a stunning & lifelike tattoo of your beloved dog on your forearm. Expertly done by Juliany Braga, a master in realism & illustrative styles.
Experience the wonders of the universe with this intricate blackwork tattoo featuring a galaxy, planet, and filigree frame by Juliany Braga.Get a taste of Juliany Braga's illustrative style with this vibrant strawberry tattoo on your forearm. Stand out with a juicy and detailed fruit design.Elegant and intricate flower design by Juliany Braga, perfect for arm placement.Capture the beauty of a feline friend with this stunning realistic cat tattoo by artist Juliany Braga.Elegant and detailed flower design by Juliany Braga, perfect for showcasing on your forearm.This beautiful forearm tattoo by Juliany Braga features a stunning illustration of a flower intertwined with a sword design.Exquisite forearm tattoo of ramen noodles, expertly done in micro realism style by Juliany Braga. Deliciously detailed artwork!Elegant flower design by renowned artist Juliany Braga, perfectly placed on the upper arm.Juliany Braga expertly brings a beautiful bird painting to life on your forearm with stunning realism and illustrative style.Unique design featuring a frog, mushroom, leaf, and crown in a realistic and illustrative style by Juliany Braga.A stunning illustrative tattoo of a flower crown, expertly done in blackwork style on the lower leg by Juliany Braga.Vibrant neo-traditional upper arm tattoo featuring a bird, tree, and mushroom, impeccably executed by Juliany Braga.
JBJuliany Braga
Juliany Braga