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Karen Buckley

Devils Detail Tattoo

Next month


Karen, the dedicated co-owner of Devils Detail Tattoo in North London, has a deep appreciation for the intricacies of tattooing. She gracefully melds geometric patterns, fineline precision, and vibrant colour, consistently delivering heartfelt pieces to her clientele.



Hour rate:110 GBP
Min. rate:110 GBP
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Elegant dotwork masterpiece by Karen Buckley combining vibrant flowers and intricate mandala design.Elegant dotwork mandala design on forearm by Karen Buckley. Intricate geometric pattern for a unique and stylish tattoo.Stunning upper leg tattoo by artist Karen Buckley featuring a fierce dragon intertwined with a delicate peony flower in traditional Japanese style.Unique dotwork design by tattoo artist Karen Buckley, perfect for upper arm placement.Adorn your forearm with Karen Buckley's intricate dotwork design featuring a majestic geometric elephant motif.Explore the intricate beauty of dotwork in this geometric mandala tattoo on your lower arm. By talented artist Karen Buckley.Elegant dotwork design by Karen Buckley, perfect for upper arm placement.Beautiful flower and pattern design by Karen Buckley, perfect for sternum placement.Beautiful floral design by Karen Buckley combining intricate dotwork with peony and mandala motifs on the upper leg.Karen Buckley's intricate design combines delicate flowers and mesmerizing mandala in stunning dotwork style.Stunning forearm tattoo by Karen Buckley, featuring a detailed mountain landscape with a majestic bird in flight.Unique dotwork design by Karen Buckley featuring intricate geometric patterns in mandala motif.
Elegant upper leg tattoo by Karen Buckley combining intricate dotwork and ornate lotus mandala design.Elegant floral design by Karen Buckley combining intricate dotwork peony with detailed mandala motif on the shoulder.This stunning tattoo by Karen Buckley combines a fierce tiger with delicate floral elements, creating a beautiful and unique design for your upper arm.Get mesmerized by Karen Buckley's geometric pattern mandala tattoo, beautifully crafted in dotwork style on your chest.Beautifully detailed flower design by Karen Buckley, perfect for the shoulder, created using intricate dotwork technique.Beautiful flower design by artist Karen Buckley, perfect for your forearm.Discover the intricate patterns created by artist Karen Buckley with this unique dotwork design on the side of the face.Elegant dotwork mandala design by Karen Buckley, perfect for a shoulder placement.Beautiful ornamental design by Karen Buckley, perfect for upper arm placement.Beautifully detailed dotwork floral design by Karen Buckley, perfect for upper leg placement.Intricate dotwork design with geometric patterns and mandala motif by tattoo artist Karen Buckley.Intricate dotwork tattoo on sternum, featuring a serene scene of moon and mountain. Created by Karen Buckley.
KBKaren Buckley
Karen Buckley