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KWKasha WildBird

Kasha WildBird

Kasha WildBird Tattoo

Next month


Custom made tattoos mainly in black and grey, dot work, loose gesture drawing lines. Subject matter- nature, animals, Vikings, Celtic and all Witches. Email kashawildbirdtattoo@



Black & Gray
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Peacock  and paisley design. Elegant and classy. Fun doing loose drip lines! There’s something so arresting when looking at a human or animal skull! I can also incorporate mandalas within the design and esoteric symbols. Austin’s Cicadas are magickal... This is work in progress piece. Doing a back piece requires a committee to finish it. You can do 3-5hours at a time n I’m super efficient tattooer. Love doing anything witchy, pagan, magicians, goddess and woman empowering imagery.
If your into mountains and waves... My style is mainly in black n grey with animals and either Celtic knot work, with  sacred geometry, mandala, dot work and loose gesture like drawings and anything to do with nature. I will not do any script, full on color tattoos or rework other people’s work.  Thanks for looking! 🙏Pictish design within Triquetra and wolf claws... Hand tattoos for those who are super committed. Sometimes the imagery can be more carefree and less structured. Like gesture drawings... Funky punky Polka trash style...Anything to do with birds and animal imagery gets me excited! The challenge of doing Celtic knot work is also fun! Celtic piece with Viking warrior and wolf protector. I also do dot work and occasionally I’ll do minimal color for dynamic accents.
KWKasha WildBird
Kasha WildBird