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Katy Sarsfield

Reign and Hail

This week


Tattoo artist. Up north. ⛓️ Co-owner @reignandhailtattoo Manchester ☔️ Sponsored by @butterluxe_uk ❤️‍🔥



Hour rate:70 GBP
Min. rate:70 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Check out this colorful and detailed forearm tattoo of Vans shoes, done in a neo-traditional style by the talented artist Katy Sarsfield.Get sleek and stylish lettering tattoo on your finger by the talented artist Katy Sarsfield. Perfect for a subtle touch of personal expression.Embrace your fierce side with this dynamic illustrative tattoo featuring a leopard, panther, and jaguar. Let Katy Sarsfield bring your inner wildcat to life.Experience the divine with this small lettering, illustrative tattoo by the talented artist Katy Sarsfield.Illustrative tattoo of a cat with fishbone, done by artist Katy Sarsfield.Embrace the artistry of an illustrative spiderweb design, expertly crafted by tattoo artist Katy Sarsfield.A stunning neo-traditional tattoo featuring a skull and drink motif on the arm, done by the talented artist Katy Sarsfield.Beautiful traditional floral design by Katy Sarsfield, perfect for lower leg placement.Embrace the darkness with a stunning neo-traditional design on your knee by the talented Katy Sarsfield.Elegant neo-traditional design featuring a mystical moon and intricate face by Katy Sarsfield on the thigh.Beautiful and intricate tattoo design featuring a snake, medusa, and woman, expertly done by Katy Sarsfield.Get a unique and colorful tattoo of your beloved pitbull as a neo traditional illustration by the talented artist Katy Sarsfield.
Unique tattoo by Katy Sarsfield featuring a playful playboy bunny motif intertwined with a stylish plaid pattern.Unique dotwork tattoo featuring a heart with 'give 'em hell, kid' lettering and flames, expertly done by artist Katy Sarsfield.Small lettering tattoo by Katy Sarsfield featuring a wave, ship, umbrella, and the message 'don't let me drown'. Visually striking and symbolic of resilience.Show your love for Guardians of the Galaxy with this neo-traditional tattoo of Groot, beautifully executed by artist Katy Sarsfield.Stunning neo-traditional tattoo by Katy Sarsfield featuring a beautiful rose entwined with a seductive woman in a BDSM theme.Express your attitude with this bold lettering and whimsical otter design. Unique and eye-catching, this tattoo will definitely make a statement.Get inked on your shin with this intricately detailed design by Katy Sarsfield. A unique combination of classic and contemporary elements.Get a striking neo-traditional skull tattoo on your arm, expertly crafted by the talented artist Katy Sarsfield.Get inked by Katy Sarsfield with a classic traditional ship design on your shin for a timeless look.Get mesmerized by this stunning cobra tattoo on your arm, expertly done in the neo-traditional style by talented artist Katy Sarsfield.Voyage in style with this unique tattoo by Katy Sarsfield, combining a classic ship and whimsical teacup design on the upper leg.Beautiful tattoo featuring a reaper and grave with the message 'Wish You Were Here' by artist Katy Sarsfield.
KSKaty Sarsfield
Katy Sarsfield